Lauri’s Market Café
In Ajijic, right on the carretara #24
We share the space with Bennos Computer Repair
331 466 4553
Open Monday through Friday 10:30-4:00


7 responses to “Restaurants

  1. Beverley Dawson

    Is there a place on the website that gives the calories for the recipes that are in phase 2 and phase 3?

  2. Beverley Dawson

    A very simple question and probably stupid but what does HCG stand for? I just am a very curious person. I am going to call tomorrow to go see the doctor next week. I can’t wait to start this diet.

  3. Please add me to your HCG mailing list.
    By the way…I had your Raspberry Mustard Chicken today…delicious!!!!

  4. I would appreciate any notices or emails. Please add me to your list.

  5. Kathleen Hurd

    Please include me in your mailings. Kathy Hurd

  6. George & Sheila Margellos

    Hi Laurie,

    Could you include me in your mailings?


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