10 of the Easiest HCG Success Tips

10 of the Easiest HCG Success Tips You’ll Ever Read
Posted by Liliana

Having successfully completed one round of HCG Detox, I made note of all the tips that made the program very easy for me to follow.

1. Preparation of meals leads to success and helps you avoid temptations! I prepare ALL my meals ahead of time, or bought them from Lauri. For instance, I purchase the 10-lbs. bag of frozen skinless/boneless organic chicken breasts, pull enough for 4 days, defrost in the fridge. I’m never without at least two meals already cooked and ready to eat, so I’m not tempted to grab something that’s off limits. Once the chicken is thawed, I add Mrs. Dash, toss the chicken on the grill and in 10 minutes, I have lunch or dinner. Sometimes I cook dinner while I’m grilling lunch so I can heat & eat later. I even pre-measure and slice strawberries to leave in the fridge for the morning. With one, two or a whole weeks worth of meals that I got from Lauri, it was even easier, heat and eat!
2. Never be without the comforts of home items in your purse or desk or car. I carry my Melba toast (one serving) in a plastic baggie, stevia sweeteners, an apple, a bottle of water and tea bags in my purse, car or at my salon station. Even when I pass a Starbucks , I can still have my Venti Iced Green Tea with stevia and not feel like I am missing out. Every night I take 3 minutes to replenish my supply so that I’m not scrambling to find the items in the morning.
3. A pitcher is my new best friend. I’m not talking about baseball, I’m talking about a water pitcher! This is the easiest trick I learned on my first round. I don’t have a big sweet tooth but I do love Coke. So to avoid reaching for a soda, I take 5 organic Green Tea bags, steep them in cold water in a water pitcher (make sure it has a lid) and leave it in the fridge overnight. The next morning, I compost the bags, fill my thermos and refill the pitcher later in the week. The tea lasts me about 3 days and I can add stevia if I am craving a sweeter drink. Add Rosehips Tea for a more fragrant drink. Simple!
4. Have something to motivate you daily. I lost about 20 lbs. in round 1, and my goal that kept me going was to fit into a dress I bought a year ago. Twenty pounds ago I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing but I bought it with the intention of wearing it for my graduation in October. I hung the dress on my bedroom door so to remind me to stick to the plan everyday. By graduation time, I had to have the dress taken in on the sides! Hang your motivation on your door whether it is a dress, picture of a vacation spot, photos of your grandchildren, health related goal—whatever it is, place it where you can see it everyday to remind yourself of what you are working to achieve. This round, my motivation is the money I am saving from eating out. My goal is to save $400 a month and put that towards a trip to Paris.
5. Keep track of your weight on a calendar. There are fancy computer programs and planner tools to help track weight but for me, I misplace them or fail to get the program uploaded. Easiest thing I have found was to write my daily weight on my calendar, which is right next to my Motivation area on my door! I can see week-by-week my progress and can’t lose it or forget to write it down.
6. Nothing was harder for me than to turn down dinner parties, wine tastings and late night snack runs. Any of those activities would have ruined my progress. But when my friends understood that I was on a doctor’s program and invited me to join their events, I was prepared! I had my own food and they were more than willing to accommodate my needs when they SAW the weight loss for themselves and gave me the emotional support I needed. There is no shame in losing the weight—it’s all about you, so feel free to share with the people who love you and support you. You never know if you’ll inspire one of your loved ones to do a round for him or herself.
7. Ensure early success in your program by donating your restricted foods. I had the usual suspects lurking in my kitchen—my favorite Tillamook cheddar was staring me back in the face after my fat loading days so I gave it to a friend along with my new french bread baguette. As soon as I started the official HCG program, my entire kitchen was free of the no-no’s and filled with organic foods from the HCG list. See no evil, eat no evil! That was my motto and it sure worked for me.
8. Throw a party for the start and end of your program so you don’t feel like it’s a punishment. My problem with food was partly emotional eating—eat when bored, frustrated, happy, sad, etc. I celebrated the “beginning of the end” of that phase in my life with two fat loading days to socialize with friends and “party” with all my good fats! Sounds funny but it really helped me come to terms with why I eat how and when I do. Fat loading really was the most fun out of the program, so celebrate your impending accomplishments.
9. Make sure you drink at least 2 liters of water. Take two one liter bottles and tape a number one on the first bottle and a number 2 the second bottle. It helps to make sure you get in both liters each day. I refill them the night before so I am ready to go the next day.
10. And last but not least, reward yourself with little tokens of self-appreciation along the way. After my second week on the program, I lost a whopping 9 lbs. I was so overjoyed, I cried a little bit on the bus back home. I didn’t know how to prepare myself for the emotional purging I was about to experience. The next day, I bought myself a gold and citrine ring that I had eyeballed for about a month! It was a very small expense, but it was my way of saying “great job” for sticking to the plan so diligently.This time, I started with a gold and labradorite ring, but after each little goal I reach, I put away some money for me to spend when I go to Paris. For you, a little token might be extra time with your grandkids, a day trip to your favorite vacation spot, maybe something like treating yourself to a great new haircut or massage. Whatever you decide, do it for you!

You are making a change in your life by putting your health first and foremost—you should get that proverbial pat on your back for your dedication! With support from Dr. Aceves and Lauri and your peers, you’ll reach your weight goals and embark on a happier, healthier lifestyle. I’m living proof that it can happen, best of luck on your personal success on the HCG program.


Support: Is Your Way the Only Way?

Support: Is Your Way the Only Way?
November 18, 2012 By Biz

We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It’s one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it’s another to think that yours is the only path. ~ Paulo Coelho

Most of us know the feeling of experiencing something so fantastic that we want to share it with everyone so they can experience it, too.

Just think of The hCG Protocol, for example.

You have lost tremendous amounts of weight, very quickly, very safely and now you are trying to grab anyone who will listen to tell them that The hCG Protocol is the best and ONLY WAY to achieve weight loss.

I have seen that happen time and time again with people who I have shared the miracle of The hCG Protocol with in my “offline life.” They start losing so fast, and it seems so miraculous that they want everyone they know to jump on the train. Then suddenly, out of nowhere – BAM! — they are blindsided by criticism and judgment.

Ouch. Judgment is a harsh word.

But, let’s pause and unpack it a minute. If we’re honest, most of us must admit that we judge. Every day. We judge everything. We judge people, places, movies, politics, books, diets, restaurants … everything. It’s how we determine what we like, what is safe, who is good, where to turn, and how we feel. Judging is our way of choosing the path that best fits our needs at the moment.

The problem with judging is that most of the time, we judge something, determine we are right, then we don’t allow others the same privilege. We tell them that they are wrong, and that judging is wrong. Oops, that is judging too.

Judging is part of the human condition. It’s the way our brains are wired. And it’s a good thing, too. Imagine yourself walking in an unknown city and you are lost. It’s beginning to get dark out. You come upon an alley. You see one man walking in your direction. You are alone. You stop and JUDGE the situation. Most of us would choose to avoid the alley, just in case. Our judgment in that situation quite possibly helped us avoid danger.

Judging is not BAD.

But, when we allow ourselves to become JUDGMENTAL, that’s when we cross over to the dark side.

When we become judgmental, we close ourselves off to the thoughts and opinions of others. We become self-righteous, believing our way of thinking or doing is the only way.

Judgmental thinking spawns adversarial thinking. It is hurtful and alienating. Anyone who has been on the target of judgmental thinking knows how it wounds.

I believe we can become less judgmental by following some lines of thought:

Be Sympathetic

If you see someone on a path that “you” think is unwise, try to mentally put yourself in his or her situation before you slip into judgmental thinking. Remembering that each of us have unique life situations, up-bringings, and cultural and societal influences. There is no “one-size-fits-all” way to live.

First, seek to understand then to be understood

Author Stephen Covey, in his book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” pointed out that most of us rush to be understood by others before we pause to understand their points of view. This way of communicating leads to nowhere. The next time you are faced with a situation where you find yourself falling prey to judgmental thoughts, pause long enough to listen and hear the other person before you decide they are wrong.

Do you want to be right, or be happy?

When we are stuck in the vortex of judgmental thinking, it’s easy to get sucked into the desire to be right, at all cost. Ask yourself, would you rather be right or be happy? I, for one, will choose happy every time. For me, life isn’t about being right. It’s about relationships, finding common ground, community and joy. I want my life to focus on making a positive contribution. Being labeled right or wrong, for me, is irrelevant.

Let’s go back to my opening example of The hCG Protocol …

When you are successful on the Protocol, you know in your heart that hCG is the best thing for fast, effective weight loss. You are certain that hCG is a safe, medically sound way to lose weight. You are convinced because all your labs came back, and you have avoided heart disease and diabetes. You are sure that once the whole world knows about this, they will join you in your success.

In your zeal to share your discovery with the world, you can accidentally slip into judgmental thinking: “The hCG program works. Other diet plans pale in comparison!”

But, once your enthusiasm wears off, you can see that in reality, there are many paths to one destination. The goal is weight loss and healthy living; hCG is not the only way to get there.

There are many different factors that determine how each of us see and respond to the world. Your standards and your perspectives are YOURS alone. You’ve figured out what’s best for your life. It is your duty to allow each person to figure out his or her own journey, too. We can love them through the process without passing judgment on their choices.

There is one destination. Getting there will be different for each one of us.

Quick Reference

For a quick reference: But Please at least scan the book, Pounds and Inches, the last tab on this website. The more you know the better you will do!

Phase 1 is LOADING. I trust we all know how to get that high-fat food in. 😉 But again, read more about this as well!

Phase 2, or P2, is the time during which one takes HCG and eats 500 calories per day from the list of approved foods.Watch the video if you are not sure what they are or go to the second tab. P2 should be a minimum of 23 days.

Phase 3, or P3, is the time after P2, where calories are increased, but NO SUGAR OR STARCH is consumed. Feel free to add in healthy fats, these are very satisfying. This phase is just as important as the low calorie phase and is 21 days, about 3 weeks.

Phase 4, or P4, is after P3, and is the time in which you can slowly introduce some starch and sugar back in, being careful to weigh daily to make sure you don’t have issues with the foods you reintroduce (causing you to gain).

On this site, I will be compiling the best recipes I have found on my hcg journey, for use by those doing hcg themselves, and also by anyone else interested in healthy, delicious recipes. They are sugar-free, many are gluten-free, low carb, and delicious. Half the time when I’m cooking my own food, my husband will ask me to make the same thing for them. In fact, I’m getting ready to make a birthday cake for tomorrow, which will be an amazing chocolate cake with chocolate icing, totally low carb, sugar-free and gluten-free. Perfect for P3/maintenance phase, Yum!

Even if you don’t need or aren’t interested in the HCG protocol, stick around because as I mentioned some of these recipes are great for Atkins or weight watchers, so you might get some ideas for yourself or want to share with a friend. 🙂

Different Ways to Stay Motivated While Trying to Lose Weight and Live a Healthier Lifesytle

Different Ways to Stay Motivated While Trying to Lose Weight and Live a Healthier Lifestyle.

Losing weight can be discouraging and often times people might find themselves losing motivation.
Motivation is usually high and exciting during the first part of the diet. Most people are usually excited to lose unwanted pounds. During the first week of a diet, motivation continues as weight starts to come off. As time goes on it is normal for most people to start losing their motivation and they tend to stop dieting all together. . We want to help you to stay motivated and encouraged throughout the entire diet.
1. Look At Progress- It is recommend to keep a before picture handy that dieters can reflect on to see how far they have come. Although a person might not notice much difference if it is in the early stages of a diet, however, usually a photo will help them to remember why they started in the first place.
2. Create a Time Frame- As far as the HCG diet goes, Count back from a date on your calendar, make a time frame to try and lose it in. A person should keep track of how many days are left in the diet and continue to count down.
3. Talk to a Health Coach- (exchange phone and email address from people at the support group, or email me ANYTIME you need, or stop in to see me ((Lauri)) Remember, we are here to offer you support and a simple email for phone call asking for motivation can help a dieter stay on track.
4. Take a Break- Starting new eating habits and a new diet can be challenging, mentally and physically. It is important for dieters to allow themselves some down time. Go see a movie, spend a day at the spa, or read a nice relaxing book.
5. Get Inspired- Reading HCG Testimonials, (see link section to the right) can help dieters stay on track. Also, take a look at motivating quotes to stay focused.
6. Buy Something- It is important to stay motivated and focused. So focus on the 5 pounds that have been lost and get a pedicure or a new t-shirt. Rewarding oneself is important to remember why you started the diet in the first place.
7. Take a walk- Sometimes when a person is struggling, a walk will help lessen the anxiety with giving up. It also causes the person to be distracted and continue to focus on a healthier lifestyle.

HCG Diet Basics: Get to know them

HCG Diet Basics: Get To Know Them
The AjijicHCG diet plan is a fast and safe way to lose those stubborn extra pounds by combining HCG injections and HCG diet plan with an HCG doctor for the ultimate rapid weight loss program in Ajijic.
In today’s busy world, you don’t always have time to workout every day. Before you know it, you find yourself concerned about your reflection in the mirror. Our team of experienced staff, qualified HCG doctor, using REAL HCG, can help you love your reflection again.
Do you know why HCG is so popular, because it works and it’s effective. You need to understand why it works and how to stick to the HCG weight loss plan basics so you’re not surprised:

1. Food choices will be limited. Expect this and just remind yourself constantly that it works and stick with it.

2. Lean proteins only. When on the homeopathic HCG weight loss plan you’re only allowed to have the specific cuts of lean meat that are listed in the approved list.

3. Do not perform rigorous exercise.

4. Portion size limitations. Dieters aren’t expected to just “cut back” on their portion sizes. They are expected to learn what a portion size is and then stick to it. They are expected to actually measure foods so they are only eating the exact “single servings” as designated by the homeopathic HCG weight loss plan protocol.
That’s about it. For more information about the AjijicHCG weight loss plan, please email us at ajijicHCG@yahoo.com or visit Dr. Aceves office here in Ajijic.

What are some of the issues with hcg diet?

What are some of the issues with hcg diet?
Article by Diet and Weight loss forum

There really aren’t any major obstacles in following the hCG Diet. However, there are some things one should be aware of:
• Choosing an HCG doctor and not doing it on your own is very important
• Although the hCG will help control the hunger levels, if one does not ‘load’ properly (i.e., gorge on high fat foods the first 2 days) one may experience hunger for the first
• Dieting just prior to beginning the Protocol will work against the dieter
• You may not use any oils or lotions on the body during the reduction phase, so will want to get products that are Phase 2 recommended.
• The reduction phase allows only 500 calories per day, and it is inconvenient, though not impossible, to go out to eat during that time, but understand what is allowed before you go out.
• There are only certain foods that one is allowed to eat during the reduction phase and they are quite limited, knowing this list is key.
• If you ‘cheat’ on the reduction phase, it can cause a weight gain
• You will need support from your family and friends; otherwise it is easy to become discouraged and cheat when others are eating whatever they want around you and that includes forbidden foods that are triggers for you that are kept in your home
• It is important to do the maintenance phases (P3 & P4) after the reduction phases, though it will add to the amount of time needed to reach your goal
• It will take 6 weeks after the release of the first 20-40 lbs before being eligible to go back on the reduction phase to reduce further weight.

These are relatively minor issues when compared with the ease of staying on the Protocol due to the relief of hunger encountered on any other regimen. One will also find that the sculpting of the body is a major advantage to this Protocol, which doesn’t require any exercise plan to be successful. The initial weight reduction rate is very quick and also aids in motivating the dieter.

Answer from the article above on the webpage that published this article.
Whomever wrote the above answerers has done their homework. I found that I needed friends to help me and not eat yummy things in front of me to help me stay on protocol. I was a little more hungry for at least a week. I did cheat and I strongly advise against that! Once you get past your 1st week of strict adherence it won’t be as hard. If you cheat you set yourself back at least 3 days for your body to get back into resetting the hypothalumus. DON’T do that! It is so not worth it. Not even one bite of anything, yes, that will set you back as well. If it is not on the original protocol DONT EAT IT AT ALL! The number 1 thing that cannot be stressed enough is to follow the protocol EXACTLY as it says. You will have unbelievable results in no time. Your body will begin to look totally different. I noticed in my 1st week that I could see definition where my muscles are instead of just an arm. My collar bone stuck out like it did when I was in High School. My back fat was already not showing under my shirt. I am now on my second round of it. I won’t cheat; it’s just not worth it. I am so proud that I lost weight and it is still off. I can’t believe how much things changed in such little time. I am totally overjoyed to have gotten rid of the fat that I did. This round no cheating for me. Good Luck with it. Don’t cheat at all and you will be unbelievably happy with your results. Just think what is harder– going through the rest of your life unhappy and frumpy or being very strict with yourself for 21 to 45 days (depending on how much you want to lose) and having the body you’ve dreamed of. You CAN do it!

2 Things for Every HCG Diet Journey

2 Things for Every HCG Diet Journey by Gutless
For success on the HCG Diet, you need to “do your homework” and “knowledge is key.”
But are either of those really enough?
No, because there is no way that knowledge is key to anything, except maybe accumulating more knowledge. For example, how many HCG Dieters do you know who are so busy snatching up every recipe and shortcut known to man, that they fail to just follow the basic protocol?
It’s the same myth about “knowledge is power.”
Knowledge is not power because if it was, then the most academic folks would be the most successful, and we know that’s not true. How many do you know with a lot of book learning who seem to know a lot but make a lot of dumb decisions?
What’s key is the correct application of your knowledge. In other words, taking correct action and doing it over and over again until you…achieve the desired result.
What’s needed and what’s lacking from most HCG Diet Journeys is twofold:
1. the correct knowledge and
2. the correct, consistent application of it
As we’ve all no doubt seen, lots of folks know what to do, but then inexplicably fail to do it. You see this all the time — whether it’s on the HCG Diet or anything else in life.
Facebook is full of the wrong knowledge about the HCG Diet and that goes for a lot of backwater online HCG forums as well.
So you can do all the homework in the world but if you’re studying the wrong thing and gaining knowledge that just doesn’t work — it won’t help, no matter how much you hit the books.
Article by Gutless in Seattle
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