Phase 3

Phase 3 or HCG Maintenance Program

The maintenance phase is extremely important and is for 3 weeks right after your hCG diet of eating clean.  This phase 3 eating plan helps your body to re-establish the training that it needs to maintain lean body mass.  This is also part of the original Simeons protocol.  Successfully following the instructions in this phase should result in a resetting of the body weight set point and hypothalamus.  This is the phase that resets metabolism to a high normal state, eliminates future intense and constant hunger, and prevents the abnormal future storing of fat in the problem area fat reserves in the body.
Day of Last Injection:

  • MUST follow exactly the Phase 2 very low calorie diet on the last injection day, basically for the next 72 hours (not days). Be sure to record your last injection weight.
  • Begin counting the 72 hours from the time of the last injection.
  • During the 72 hours, a very slight increase in diet, such as an extra apple or 100 grams of meat may be allowed if a person feels much more hungry or even weak.
  • You continue to follow the low calorie food program because your body is flooded with HCG and it should take about 72 hours for it to leave the body.

Phase 3 you eat normally with the exception of no sugar and no starch. Continue to drink plenty of water daily.  For twenty-one days immediately following the Phase 2 restricted diet, you are allowed to eat most types of food you except sugar and starch.

No sugar, dextrose, sucrose, honey, molasses, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, or any sweetener.

No starch, including breads, pastas, any wheat product, rice, potatoes, yams, corn, etc.

No artificial sweeteners, including aspartame, sucrolose, NutraSweet, Splenda, saccharin, etc.
No food from fast food restaurants
No trans fats, including hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.
No nitrites.Limit non-prescription and prescription drug use.

Be careful of introducing too many new foods at once. Try to introduce foods one at a time, so you can determine if a certain food causes a gain or loss.  Some people have trouble with dairy or nuts. Our suggestion is to go with lean protein, fruit and vegetables during the first few days to balance out.  Then, GRADUALLY introduce foods like nuts and dairy one at a time, so that if you react negatively it is easily identified.

Information about starch
Avoiding starch means avoid cornstarch, white flour, wheat flour, any flour, pasta, any bread or bread product, breadsticks, bagels, hamburger and hotdog buns, crackers, tortillas, oatmeal, rice, polenta, peas, corn, lentils, pita bread, pretzels, corn chips, potato chips, yams, potatoes, pancakes, muffins, nearly all root vegetables, any breading on fish, chicken, or other protein, beans, grains, acorn squash, butternut squash, cereals, granola, cereal bars, popcorn, biscuits, corn bread, taco shells, croutons, rice cakes, Cream of Wheat, corn meal,  some nuts, and other similar foods.

The goal of Phase 3 or maintenance, is to maintain your new weight loss, not to lose more weight.  Do not gain or lose more than 2 lbs. since your  last injection weight or LIW. This is important because the hypothalamus is being reset, as is the body’s “base weight”, and any weight loss during this time frame is at the expense of normal fat which is easily regained later.
Weigh yourself daily as it takes about three weeks before the weight reached at the end of the Phase 2 treatment becomes stable.

Here are some vegetables to avoid:
Starchy (High Carb) Vegetables
The main veggies to be avoided when reducing carbohydrates are the starchier vegetables:
* Beets
* Carrots
* Corn
* Parsnips & Turnips
* Peas
* Plantains
* Potatoes in all forms
* Winter Squashes (particularly acorn and butternut)

And fruits to be careful about or avoid:
Fruits fairly high in sugar:
* Grapes
* Tangerines
* Oranges
* Pineapple
* Kiwi

Fruits to be avoided in the maintenance phase:
* Bananas
* Dried Fruit
* Mango

Do not eat processed cheese (i.e. Velveeta), it contains unnecessary sugars and starches. Try not to eat processed anything for that matter.

If you are having trouble stabilizing your weight, begin by reducing the fats a bit (i.e. cheese or oil) and increase protein and vegetables. Some people, especially women, seem to be sensitive to cheese and the sodium apparently increases water retention = nominal weight gain (though not fat gain).

A side note,  these ingredients help reset the hypothalamus:  Grape seed extract, citrus bioflavonoid, l-glutathione, olive leaf, green tea, cyanocabalamin, gymnemic acid, canvacrol, vitexin.)

HCG-Phase 3  (HCG Maintenance Only)

The best choices are:
– Olive oil (extra virgin is best)
– Coconut oil (virgin, unrefined, organic, not hydrogenated)

Other oil choices are:
– Flaxseed oil
– Grapeseed oil
– Peanut oil (limited)
– Sesame oil (limited)
– Walnut oil, other nut oils

HCG-P3 Allowed Foods: Food Sources of Fat (HCG Maintenance Only)

You should eat these foods in moderation because they are high calorie foods.
– Avocado
– Butter (see note below*)
– Margarines – Choose only those that do not contain hydrogenated oils (trans fatty acids)
– Guacamole
– Mayonnaise
– Olives, green and black
*Note: The issue of butter vs. margarine is a controversial one. Butter might not be the bad food that some advocate. It is recommended as actually being good for you by some doctors and researchers.

HCG-P3 Allowed Foods: Salads Dressings (HCG Maintenance Only, unless sugar and fat free!)

Best choices for salads dressings are those you make yourself with olive oil and vinegar.

When buying prepared dressings, choose those with no added sugars in the ingredient list.

Be sure to avoid any with corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup; natural sweeteners such as honey are okay as long as there are no more than 2 grams of sugars per serving listed on the nutrition label.

HCG P3 Allowed Foods: Sugar Substitutes

This is a list of choices for help in deciding which of these, if any you would like to use (NOT recommendations!)

– Aspartame
– Acesulfame K (Sunette, Sweet One, Sweet”n safe)
– Fructose
– Saccharin
– Stevia
– Sucralose (Splenda)

Sugar Alcohols (*See note below)
– Isomalt
– Lactitol
– Maltitol
– Mannitol
– Sorbitol
– Xylitol
*Note: Sugar alcohols could have associated side effects such as abdominal pain, diarrhea and gas if consumed in excessive amounts. Experiment and determine what is excessive for you, as it can vary with individuals – some can tolerate more than others, and it could be more or less than the 75 calories.

HCG P3 Allowed Foods: Miscelanous

– Chocolate, cocoa powder for recipes (Hershey’s, Ghiradelli and store brands)
– Chocolate sauce or chocolate syrup, sugar free
– Hot chocolate mixes, sugar free and with no hydrogenated oils(trans fat free)
– Syrups, sugar free
– Pasta substitute, such as Miracle noodles and flour.

HCG Phase 3 Allowed Foods: Condiments, Spices and Seasonings

– Broths (non fat or very low fat chicken, turkey, vegetarian)
– Coffee and espresso powder (instant type)
– Cream Cheese, fat-free or light, limit to 2 tablespoons daily
– Extracts (pure vanilla, almond or others)
– Herbs and spices, fresh and dried (such as basil, oregano, parsley, cumin, curry, red pepper, garlic, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, dill, mint, rosemary and others)
– Horseradish sauce
– Hot sauce
– Condiment (such as ketchup, barbecue sauce, as long as they are sugar free)
– Marinades
– Mayonnaise (with no added sugars)
– Mustard (except honey mustard)
– Pepper (black, cayenne, red, white)
– Salsa (with no added sugars and preferably no oil)
– Sour cream, low fat, limit to 2 tablespoons daily
– I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! (spray only, not the tubs or sticks because they have trans fats)
– Lemon, lime and grapefruit juices
– Soy sauce and Tamari sauce (limit 1/2 tablespoon daily)
– Spices mixes (if you are totally avoiding sugar, read the labels)
– Steak sauce, limit to 1/2 tablespoon daily
– Worcestershire sauce, limit to 1 table spoon daily
*Note: Always read labels, and only buy those that contain no added sugars (especially corn syrups) and hydrogenated oils (trans fats, or other ingredients that should be avoided.

HCG Allowed Foods: Beverages

– Water
– Club sodas and seltzers
– Beverages containing caffeine (coffee, tea, sodas) are limited to 2 cups (16 oz) per day
– Coffee, decaf, unlimited
– Tea, decaf, unlimited
– Herb teas
– Sodas (diet, decaf, and sugar-free), in moderation, but preferably none
– Flavored waters without sweeteners
– Tomato juice and mixed vegetable juices (preferably low sodium).

Steak Day On HCG Diet

After 23 days of taking the daily HCG, dieters move into phase 3 or maintenance phase of the HCG diet. In the following three weeks, dieters are instructed to weigh themselves every morning to ensure they are not gaining more than two pounds over the weight reached on the day of their last HCG injection. It is important for dieters to weigh themselves in the morning rather than during the day, as there may be wide fluctuations which might lead to unnecessary worries and confusions.If a dieter gains more than two pounds over their last dose day weight, they should immediately take certain weight correction procedure on the same day in order to lose the extra pounds. “Steak Day” is an effective technique used by Dr. Simeons to correct weight gains in the HCG diet Phase 3/Maintenance.  Basically you eat nothing until dinner, when you can eat a large steak cooked in oil or butter with an apple or a raw tomato. You should also drink plenty of water that day. The next day, you should see your weight drop.

According to Dr. Simeons, dieters “must on that same day entirely skip breakfast and lunch but take plenty to liquid. In the evening they must eat a large steak with only an apple or a raw tomato.” Dr. Simeons also stated in his “Pounds and Inches” that “it is of utmost importance that this is done on the same day that you were up two pounds. If you do a Steak day immediately on the same day when you find a weight gain over the two pound limit. In other words, the steak day only works, the same day you weigh and your weight is up 2 pounds or more.  If the Steak Day is missed or postponed to the next day, you will need to  follow several days of strict dieting in order to correct the situation.

What Is Steak Day ?

During the steak day, the dieter has to fast for the day, until an early dinner.  You will need to skip breakfast and lunch, but drink plenty of liquid. For dinner, usually a bit earlier, the dieter eats a large steak  with an apple or a raw tomato. The dieter is advised to drink plenty of water and other fluids during the day.

Vegetarian Alternative To Steak Day

People who don’t eat meat have some alternative options for the ‘Steak Day’. The vegetarians can go for non-flavored pea protein powder burgers-with quinoa, and something to bind it. You can make soup of it with tomato. Google or search the internet for “HCG diet, Steak day, alternatives” for other ideas.


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  3. Hi Cat,

    I did start eating sprouted grain bread on phase 4…and it didn’t cause weight gain. If you want to try it on phase 3, just start a little at a time with morning weighing. Perhaps 1/2 slice. I eat 1 slice occasionally, not toast, and sandwiches, etc. The typical “bread’ for phase 3 is flax bread. Its great and you can make it in the microwave in 1 minute.

  4. On the internet, somewhere, I read that ‘sprouted grain’ bread was allowed in phase 3. I bought some, but have stuck it in my freezer till I find out for sure. Is this true?

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