Did you know that there are three types of fat? by “ChangingHabits”

Did you know that there are three types of fat?
Article by “Changing Habits”
Structural Fat – in your cheeks, heel pads, protective fat around organs – fat you want to have and keep.
Reserve Fat – this is fat that is used for ready energy, that can be converted quickly and without much effort.
Stored Fat – hips, thighs, arms, cellulite, stomach and all those fat deposits in places you don’t want it – this fat is not easily sourced for energy and is often hard to budge.
I learnt about a 60 year old program last July that could eliminate the third fat – stored fat, while keeping your structural fat in place. In other words, get rid of the fat that doesn’t make you look good and creates ill health and keep the fat that makes you look young and beautiful. Could such a thing be possible?

It was called a “protocol” rather than a “diet” and it intrigued me but looking at it superficially, at first I was very skeptical so I decided to read everything I could on the protocol. I read the books, I read the web pages, I read whatever I could get my hands on. There was positive information and there was negative – I read it all.

While I was reading I had several friends that decided to act and do the protocol. I watched men and women (all friends) shrink before my eyes, many had been overweight much of their adult life. Not only did I see them shrink but I also saw them learn about foods and how foods effect their body for health and therefore create a stable weight. Many of these friends have lost the weight and all their aches and pains and ailments and have had an awakening about their health, weight and food. Listening to them was like music to my ears, some said “we now know what you’ve been talking about all these years”. The fact that they lost weight was great, but what was so amazing is that they had changed their thinking about food.

I’ve always been full of energy and healthy and had what I felt was a good weight. I’m not one to count calories or weigh myself.. it was always something that I decided to stop doing back in my 20’s and it served me well. This protocol insists on weighing yourself and counting calories for a period of time – after that you don’t count calories again (so that was one positive), It was against 2 principles I taught but the results I was seeing were phenomenal. What I realised was that the counting of calories was for a specific reason and the weighing every day was to teach about foods – more on that when you get the protocol.

It was because of this that I decided to do the protocol and see what they were all talking about. I was amazed!!! Within a week I felt amazing, I felt euphoric and so clear in my mind. By the second week I had lost 7kg and everyone was saying how great my skin was looking and that I had a certain vitality they hadn’t seen before. By the third week I wanted to run and skip and play and I was motivated and excited about everything – not bad for a 51 year old. It’s now months on and I still feel the same way, there is still a buzz amongst my friends about the whole protocol and what they have learnt and how they feel. We’ve all got a new lease on life and people on the outside want to know what we’ve been doing.

I want you to know upfront that this is not an easy protocol, however having said that it is worth every minute of highs and lows. I liken it to a marathon, sometimes you feel great and other times you just want to quit. If you quit you don’t finish the marathon and what was the point. If you don’t quit, then you have the knowledge forever and the power that you have achieved something quite amazing.

You’ll have good days and bad days, but it is only three weeks of hard yakka. Doing it with a friend really helps. Rikki (my walking partner) and I did it together and we were in contact with each other every morning at weigh in, we also walked most days just so we could talk and keep each other going.


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