Different Ways to Stay Motivated While Trying to Lose Weight and Live a Healthier Lifesytle

Different Ways to Stay Motivated While Trying to Lose Weight and Live a Healthier Lifestyle.

Losing weight can be discouraging and often times people might find themselves losing motivation.
Motivation is usually high and exciting during the first part of the diet. Most people are usually excited to lose unwanted pounds. During the first week of a diet, motivation continues as weight starts to come off. As time goes on it is normal for most people to start losing their motivation and they tend to stop dieting all together. . We want to help you to stay motivated and encouraged throughout the entire diet.
1. Look At Progress- It is recommend to keep a before picture handy that dieters can reflect on to see how far they have come. Although a person might not notice much difference if it is in the early stages of a diet, however, usually a photo will help them to remember why they started in the first place.
2. Create a Time Frame- As far as the HCG diet goes, Count back from a date on your calendar, make a time frame to try and lose it in. A person should keep track of how many days are left in the diet and continue to count down.
3. Talk to a Health Coach- (exchange phone and email address from people at the support group, or email me ANYTIME you need, or stop in to see me ((Lauri)) Remember, we are here to offer you support and a simple email for phone call asking for motivation can help a dieter stay on track.
4. Take a Break- Starting new eating habits and a new diet can be challenging, mentally and physically. It is important for dieters to allow themselves some down time. Go see a movie, spend a day at the spa, or read a nice relaxing book.
5. Get Inspired- Reading HCG Testimonials, (see link section to the right) can help dieters stay on track. Also, take a look at motivating quotes to stay focused.
6. Buy Something- It is important to stay motivated and focused. So focus on the 5 pounds that have been lost and get a pedicure or a new t-shirt. Rewarding oneself is important to remember why you started the diet in the first place.
7. Take a walk- Sometimes when a person is struggling, a walk will help lessen the anxiety with giving up. It also causes the person to be distracted and continue to focus on a healthier lifestyle.

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