What are some of the issues with hcg diet?

What are some of the issues with hcg diet?
Article by Diet and Weight loss forum

There really aren’t any major obstacles in following the hCG Diet. However, there are some things one should be aware of:
• Choosing an HCG doctor and not doing it on your own is very important
• Although the hCG will help control the hunger levels, if one does not ‘load’ properly (i.e., gorge on high fat foods the first 2 days) one may experience hunger for the first
• Dieting just prior to beginning the Protocol will work against the dieter
• You may not use any oils or lotions on the body during the reduction phase, so will want to get products that are Phase 2 recommended.
• The reduction phase allows only 500 calories per day, and it is inconvenient, though not impossible, to go out to eat during that time, but understand what is allowed before you go out.
• There are only certain foods that one is allowed to eat during the reduction phase and they are quite limited, knowing this list is key.
• If you ‘cheat’ on the reduction phase, it can cause a weight gain
• You will need support from your family and friends; otherwise it is easy to become discouraged and cheat when others are eating whatever they want around you and that includes forbidden foods that are triggers for you that are kept in your home
• It is important to do the maintenance phases (P3 & P4) after the reduction phases, though it will add to the amount of time needed to reach your goal
• It will take 6 weeks after the release of the first 20-40 lbs before being eligible to go back on the reduction phase to reduce further weight.

These are relatively minor issues when compared with the ease of staying on the Protocol due to the relief of hunger encountered on any other regimen. One will also find that the sculpting of the body is a major advantage to this Protocol, which doesn’t require any exercise plan to be successful. The initial weight reduction rate is very quick and also aids in motivating the dieter.

Answer from the article above on the webpage that published this article.
Whomever wrote the above answerers has done their homework. I found that I needed friends to help me and not eat yummy things in front of me to help me stay on protocol. I was a little more hungry for at least a week. I did cheat and I strongly advise against that! Once you get past your 1st week of strict adherence it won’t be as hard. If you cheat you set yourself back at least 3 days for your body to get back into resetting the hypothalumus. DON’T do that! It is so not worth it. Not even one bite of anything, yes, that will set you back as well. If it is not on the original protocol DONT EAT IT AT ALL! The number 1 thing that cannot be stressed enough is to follow the protocol EXACTLY as it says. You will have unbelievable results in no time. Your body will begin to look totally different. I noticed in my 1st week that I could see definition where my muscles are instead of just an arm. My collar bone stuck out like it did when I was in High School. My back fat was already not showing under my shirt. I am now on my second round of it. I won’t cheat; it’s just not worth it. I am so proud that I lost weight and it is still off. I can’t believe how much things changed in such little time. I am totally overjoyed to have gotten rid of the fat that I did. This round no cheating for me. Good Luck with it. Don’t cheat at all and you will be unbelievably happy with your results. Just think what is harder– going through the rest of your life unhappy and frumpy or being very strict with yourself for 21 to 45 days (depending on how much you want to lose) and having the body you’ve dreamed of. You CAN do it!

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