2 Things for Every HCG Diet Journey

2 Things for Every HCG Diet Journey by Gutless
For success on the HCG Diet, you need to “do your homework” and “knowledge is key.”
But are either of those really enough?
No, because there is no way that knowledge is key to anything, except maybe accumulating more knowledge. For example, how many HCG Dieters do you know who are so busy snatching up every recipe and shortcut known to man, that they fail to just follow the basic protocol?
It’s the same myth about “knowledge is power.”
Knowledge is not power because if it was, then the most academic folks would be the most successful, and we know that’s not true. How many do you know with a lot of book learning who seem to know a lot but make a lot of dumb decisions?
What’s key is the correct application of your knowledge. In other words, taking correct action and doing it over and over again until you…achieve the desired result.
What’s needed and what’s lacking from most HCG Diet Journeys is twofold:
1. the correct knowledge and
2. the correct, consistent application of it
As we’ve all no doubt seen, lots of folks know what to do, but then inexplicably fail to do it. You see this all the time — whether it’s on the HCG Diet or anything else in life.
Facebook is full of the wrong knowledge about the HCG Diet and that goes for a lot of backwater online HCG forums as well.
So you can do all the homework in the world but if you’re studying the wrong thing and gaining knowledge that just doesn’t work — it won’t help, no matter how much you hit the books.
Article by Gutless in Seattle
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