Miracle Noodles

May 27th, 2012 by Dr. Robert Madda

At the Natural Path HCG Diet Clinic in Portland, Oregon we have done lots of clinical trials with our patients in trying different foods on the diet plan. Miracle noodles is one of these foods. Although we often label miracle noodles as a “free” food on the HCG diet plan the HCG Dieter must understand that these fiber noodles absorb eleven times their weight in water and therefore if you had a bag of them for dinner and did not have a bowel movement before you stepped on the scale the next morning your weight might be up 1-3 lbs. This can be shocking for many people on the HCG Diet program and therefore we ask our patients to limit them to 1/2 bag per day up to 3 times per week and preferably for lunch.

Why Is The Miracle Noodle so healthy and allowed on phase II of the HCG Diet?

The answer to this questions lies in understanding the role of fiber in our diets. Miracle or Shirataki noodles are made mainly of soluble fiber. Soluble fiber acts to slow digestion. By doing this, it allows for the slower absorption of glucose and is the reason behind its beneficial effects in diabetes.

Some say that Miracle noodles will help their weight loss on the HCG diet and in HCG diet Maintenance

By using Miracle noodles in one meal per day you will significantly raise your needed fiber intake and raise your metabolic rate. On the HCG Program, Miracle noodles can be used with low sodium vegetables, broth, and cabbage for a filling snack or use them to compliment an HCG P2 appropriate meal.

We sell Miracle Noodles at “60’s in Paradise”! A package contains 2 servings and is $30 pesos per package. We also have them available to add to your meals for only $15 pesos per serving!Come in and enjoy a meal and try the noodles!

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