Does Being Thin Make You Happy

Does Being Thin Make You Happy?
by Biz
A question you must ask yourself is why do YOU want to drop the weight?
Is it because your “partner” said you would look better?
Is it because your “friends” think you are too big?
Is it because your “family” says that you would feel better if…?
If these are some of the reasons you are on a weight management program, then you’re more concerned with what other people think.
And dropping the weight will not solve that issue.
That is more of a self-esteem issue, and no amount of dropped weight will fix it. Sure the self-esteem might get better with the dropped weight, but if this is truly the issue, then chances are you will find something else to be unhappy about after you lose the weight.
No matter what your weight is.
If you don’t handle your low self-esteem and practice SELF-LOVE, you will continue to rely on emotional eating.

Do you use food for comfort?
If you do, then you need to figure out WHY you do this.
If you do use food for comfort, then gaining weight was only the symptom and not the root of the issue. If you don’t solve this one important challenge, then dropping the weight will be only temporary. Whenever you are sad or depressed, you will reach for food, which will inevitably cause you to regain weight.
There was a story on Oprah not too long ago about a woman who had Gastric Bypass surgery. The point of the show was that even with the last resort surgery, the quick weight loss was not making them happy. It seems that these women were exchanging one addiction (food) for another, and some of these addictions were pretty darn sad.
The saddest story was the binge drinker. It seems she turned her addiction from food to alcohol. It was shown that there was something that happened in her childhood and since she didn’t deal with this issue, the addictive (destructive) behavior continued. I just changed from food to alcohol.

Any type of weight control program will not bypass your pain. If you’re an emotional eater, then you need to discover what the triggers are and work on them or the weight dropped will only be temporary.
This subject deserves an article on its own, so until that time, here is a website you might want to look at for research.
Treat the Cause and Not the Symptom
We have been granted the knowledge of one of the fastest, easiest, safest ways to drop weight. Yet, over and over I see people who reach a healthy weight and still, they are NOT happy. They have been fooled into thinking that becoming THIN is a quick fix for external happiness. Unfortunately, being thin does not automatically ensure you will be happy if you don’t address the underlying issues in your life.
You absolutely MUST solve this issue from the INSIDE out. If you don’t concentrate on your internal pain, then you could fall into other addictive behaviors (drinking, gambling and the like) after you lose weight.
At the beginning of this article, I asked you to think about the reasons you want to drop this weight. If your motivation is external (partner saying you need to lose, etc.), you must SWITCH the focus to something else. If you do NOT address this, you will be in a never-ending battle with food or whatever other coping mechanism you are using to deal with your emotions.
So you must treat the CAUSE of the sadness that is causing you to overeat. What are the triggers? Work on them. You need to do a LOT of self-analyzing if you want to be successful at your weight control futures.
Talk to a friend, family member or a counselor. Join a support group (like AjijicHCG) and get to the heart of the matter. Once you understand the source of your pain, dropping the weight may be easier than you ever thought.

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