Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Celebrate Your Accomplishments
By HCG Online Support

Whether you realize it or not, you constantly set goals. Every time you set your alarm clock to wake up for work, you are setting a goal.It’s a small thing, sure, but it’s a goal that you meet often and probably without incident.

Anytime I write down goals, I usually achieve them, and then I am on the path to the next goal. Here are some tips that will help you celebrate your own accomplishments:

Celebrate the Small Steps

It’s imperative that you take time to celebrate the small steps you have taken to achieve a goal you have made for yourself.

I’ve heard it said that it takes 10 years to become an overnight success.

Why? Changes only happen one step at a time; goals usually are not met within a matter of days. Celebrating each milestone along the way becomes important. It creates the momentum you need to persevere to the end of that particular goal.

You may think that meditating for 15 minutes a day won’t help in the long run. You may think that going for a 15-minute walk every evening won’t keep you fit. You may think that decluttering for just 15 minutes a day will never get you through that pile of clutter. Yet, the reality is that a small movement never fails to produce results in the END.

Whenever you start small and you see that you are actually capable of succeeding (anyone can do anything for 15 minutes) you will have a foundation you can work with. With every 15-minute commitment that’s spent moving toward your goal, take a moment to reflect on what you have done.

Every step counts. Even small steps are worth celebrating. Take a deep breath, share your accomplishment with someone you love, journal it somewhere, do something that marks that accomplishment.

Celebrate With Someone – Friends or Family

When you find a way to include others in celebrating your accomplishments, it helps you legitimize and accept your success. When you share with others, this raises the self-awareness of what you have done.

Many people feel uncomfortable with this. They feel that if they celebrate their successes with friends or family, that it could be misunderstood as boasting, conceited, or tooting your own horn. The truth is that there is a fine line between celebrating and being cocky or arrogant. One feels icky and inauthentic. The other feels like self-care, self-acknowledgement and good. Trust your feelings. If it feels good in your gut, then you are simply celebrating an accomplishment – not boasting about a success.

Call a friend, or a family member, or email your mentor or coach. Tell them 3 things you did well yesterday. Any 3 things will do. They can be work-related, relationship-oriented, or hobby-focused.

Celebrate With the Written Word

I have spoken often about the relationship between physically writing goals down and achieving goals. When you write down a goal, and describe that goal in detail, there is something miraculous that happens between the mind and the hand. It is as if you are programming that into your subconscious mind and you activate a whole host of mental powers that will enable you to accomplish more than you ever dreamed of. When you write it down you intensify your desire to reach that goal.

Spend time each evening writing down your accomplishments for the day. In a week, you will have a plethora of accomplishments that you can look over, and that give you momentum to move on to the next goal.

Define Success on Your Own Terms

Decide for yourself what constitutes success.

ANYTHING you choose to define and acknowledge as a success counts. It could be as simple as the effort you took to make a new decision. Or it can be a tiny step forward that created forward progress. Even that feeling of confidence that sprang from within after you wrote down your goals. If it feels like success to you, then it’s worthy of your acknowledgement.

Here are some questions to think about when you are learning to measure and celebrate your successes:

  • What are you learning about yourself when you face an obstacle to a goal?<
  • Are you “allowing” yourself personal satisfaction when you just make an effort?<
  • Are you gaining self-confidence?<
  • Are you smiling or laughing more often, just because?

Remember, each small success is another step toward your goal. Celebrate your successes and positive qualities. As you recognize and acknowledge your successes, you will increase your motivation to take the next step of your journey into a better life that you want and deserve.

Celebrating your small, everyday wins is the first step to reaching the big accomplishments you are working toward.

Make time every day to notice your wins, and say an internal “Good job!” Because you, my friend, are worth it!

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