The Act of Transforming by Biz

The Act of Transforming
by Biz
First comes thought; then organization of that thought into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination. ~ Napoleon Hill
Whether you know it or not, you have spent your life creating the image you present to the world. Whether it’s in your conscious or your subconscious, you have been building a perception of your reality.
Would it surprise you to learn that, instead of unconsciously letting your image be molded by outside influences, you can consciously decide how you see the world and the way you present yourself to people you come into contact with?
While you are on The hCG Protocol, you have the ability to quickly and completely change your outward appearance. However, will you also take steps to make lasting changes on your insides as well? While your appearance changes into a thin, healthy body, will you also work to change your insides to reflect the outer change?
Maybe it should work the other way around?
Hmmmm, let’s think on that for a second.
According to the above quote by Napoleon Hill, transformation can only occur after your thoughts are clear. Until you change how you think, the changes to your body will only be temporary.
As a guide, let’s unpack Hill’s quote a bit more:
First Comes Thought – This is the intent part of transformation. With a clear and focused intent, you will attract the necessary experiences that you need to achieve the transformation you desire.
Unclear Intention – I want to lose weight.
Clear Intention – I see my future self-weighing 128 pounds, buying clothes in a size 4 or 6, able to run a marathon, sky-dive, belly dance, etc.
Your thoughts about what you want MUST be clear. I cannot repeat this enough. Getting clear may involve taking a few moments every day to focus on what you want your body to look like. In your mind’s eye, see your transformed body moving, experiencing different places, activities, people, or events.
Then Organization of That Thought – This is the idea and planning stage of the transformation process. After you state your intent, synchronicity will begin to occur.
But be careful. It’s easy to lose focus when so many things can appear to be synchronistic. For example, when you set an intention that you want to lose weight, suddenly you will be inundated with different diet plans, new theories and fads. And you will begin running into all sorts of people who have lost weight. And each one will believe their weight loss plan is the best.
When this happens, it will behoove you to do your research to find out the best plan that will for work for YOU and YOUR body. Some of you may find that The hCG Protocol is not the best choice for you. Others will find that the program suits them perfectly.
Vague Idea – Forming the idea that you want to lose weight and consider using The hCG Protocol to accomplish that task.
Solid Plan – Doing your research, deciding that The hCG Protocol is the best choice for you, getting all the supplies (product, dosing, food and equipment), and finding support for the rough spots.
Sometimes, you need to eliminate your limiting belief systems that hold you back. Examples of limiting beliefs include thoughts such as: “I can’t do it”; “I don’t deserve it”; or “It’s too hard.”
Limiting stories you tell yourself block you from lasting change. Your inner voice needs to transform, along with your body, to make your changes long lasting.
Transforming limiting beliefs and false stories is where I find people need the most support. Find yourself an accountability buddy, a support group, or a personal coach to help you with this step. Your accountability buddy should be someone who will help you be aware of your limiting beliefs, and who will call you on unproductive thinking so you can get past it.
Then Transformation of those Plans into Reality – After you complete the first two steps, you will be in better place to transform your intention into reality.
The work you do on the inside enables you to move forward toward lasting change.
The Beginning is in Your Imagination – It all starts within. When you believe that change can happen; when you change your thinking to eliminate limiting beliefs; when you plan, prepare and decide the time is now: That is when you will transform your dreams to reality.

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