Breaking Free From Emotional Eating

Breaking Free From Emotional Eating

One of the benefits reported by users of HCG, other than how quickly they lose weight, is that they learn better eating habits. The HCG diet teaches people three things:
* When to eat
* What to eat
* How much to eat

The Problem of When To Eat
Many people are emotional eaters. Not all emotional eating is bad. For example, almost everyone eats to celebrate happy occasions. Even sad occasions, such as funerals, can be associated with food. However, emotional eating occurs on a higher level and is most often associated with negative emotions like boredom, frustration, stress, anger, or loneliness.

Many people feel the strongest hunger urges when they are emotionally weak. Because of this, you may eat snacks or even full meals at the slightest emotional change, even when you aren’t hungry. Your eating habits may become so closely tied to your emotions that you automatically go for a treat without thinking. Since sugars and fats provide the quickest physical and emotional response, they are often the food of choice for emotional eaters. Unfortunately, they are also the quickest way to gain weight.

While taking HCG and following the HCG diet, emotional eaters get help breaking free from emotional eating. The method is simple: the HCG weight loss diet forces you to take a hunger reality check.

How Is It Done?
HCG works by unlocking your stored fat deposits, which floods your blood stream with 2,000 to 4,000 calories per day. In order to lose weight while being flooded with so many calories, you’ll reduce your calorie intake to 500 calories per day. This equates to about two small meals per day, made up of a limited number of food choices. Due to the flood of calories released by HCG, hunger is minimal or absent.

What this means is that during any given moment on the HCG diet, you know exactly what you can and cannot eat, and you seldom feel true hunger. When you feel a craving, you are forced to stop and think about whether you can eat right then, and if so, what food you can eat. This simple “stop and check” requirement helps you recognize whether you are actually hungry, or whether you’re just feeling a craving.

The Benefits of the Hunger Reality Check
The hunger reality check has helped many people who didn’t even know they were emotional eaters. Suddenly they come face to face with their situation and finally recognize what their emotional triggers are, whether boredom, loneliness, stress, or whatever it may be. Once they realize what’s happening, it is usually a simple act to say no, especially since the HCG is keeping them from being hungry.

After a few weeks of following the HCG weight loss plan and watching the weight come off, you’ll become an expert at recognizing your own emotional triggers and saying no to your personal temptations. When you’re done, you’ll be empowered to carry this new habit into your everyday life, and your new eating habits will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle indefinitely.

We would love to hear from you, your successes, ideas or other input to help other on this diet. At the end of the page is a comment section. Please let us hear from you!
Read Dr. Semeons book, read the protocol and do your own research. You are responsible for your body. We want you successful, but you are responsible for you and we are here to support you!

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