Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated
This post was written by Julie Donley RN on August 5, 2011
Thoughts about not being able to eat whatever and whenever I want start to infiltrate my mind after the first week. I squash them very quickly by either eating an allowed food, drinking water or doing something else – distraction is a wonderful tool!
This is what happens as you embark upon a change, especially a change that upsets your entire world. Your mind wanders. You get discouraged. You start questioning your new path – “Do I really want this? Can I do it? Will this work for me?”
If you go into your head for too long contemplating these types of questions, you will lose it. It will overwhelm you and you can get knocked off course. This is why you need a plan for managing these moments.
What can you do to shift your thoughts to be more positive and motivating? Here are a few strategies for success:
1) Consider your progress. How well are you doing? I lost another 0.6 pounds today. The scale is definitely moving in the right direction. My actions are working and are moving me toward my goal.
2) TAKE ACTION. Don’t THINK. When you think too much, you can drive yourself nuts! Just take another step in the direction of your goal. Then, take another step and another. Before you know it, the thoughts will have passed.
3) Focus on what you CAN do and not what you cannot do. In the case of the HCG diet, I eat a piece of fruit or drink water or even perhaps eat a meal. I just shift my thoughts and take action in a way that is in alignment with my commitment. This way, I feel fulfilled as opposed to feeling deprived.
If there is really something I would like to eat, I write it down and tell myself that I can have it after the 26-day HCG protocol is over. It’s only 26 days. I can wait, even if I don’t like to wait.
Who am I kidding? I absolutely HATE to wait! I definitely have an “I want it NOW!” mentality. BUT, I am more committed to being healthy and thin than I am to eating something that might jeopardize my weight loss. So I put it on the list and go eat my apple.
4) Reinforce your commitment to your goal. Why are you doing this? What is important to you about making this change? For me, I already listed my reasons in a prior post. This is very important to me and it is important NOW. NOW is the right time to do this. And I am doing it!
5) Get support. Do not try to go it alone. It’s too hard! In recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA), you are supposed to seek out a sponsor to assist you along your road to recovery. And when you are struggling or in a moment of temptation, you need to call them. With dieting, you also need support. I have a wonderful group of women who I can turn to for assistance. My husband is also very supportive. In fact, he is dieting along with me this round – although not on the HCG. He has a few pounds he wants to lose and lucky for him, he can just cut back calories and lose weight. Me, I have to jump through hoops! And the HCG protocol has been the only thing that has worked.
These are just a few ways to stay motivated to achieve your goal. Over the next few weeks, I will share more. For today, I am grateful. The weight is coming off!

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