What if you cheat?

What if you Cheat
Article from HCGpower.com
HCG diet is a powerful, yet very strict diet. This diet enables you to break many eating habits and find out how your body work in regards to food groups. The calories that you are allowed to consume on the HCG diet protocol is no more than 500 calories a day. But, the HCG mobilizes 1500 calories of fat, which your body actually consumes and adds to your daily calories. In order for this diet to work correctly it has very strict dietary restrictions especially during Phase 2. If you cheat during this phase, it will normally set you back 2 to 3 days and cause stall or even weight gain.

The first week of Phase 2 may be the most difficult time for some dieters. Although lower food intakes already satisfying your body needs since the HCG is mobilizing abnormal fat stores as your source of energy, you may still feel hungry but it usually is a feeling of being emotionally deprived. You may crave for foods that are not allowed on the HCG diet or miss certain eating habits. But remember, it is set up for you to succeed at breaking old habits. If you are not exactly eating the right HCG diet food, consuming more than 500 calories per day, or cheating on oily foods or unhealthy snacks, you allow your body to store unwanted body fat instead of burning it.

Cheating is not the end of world on the HCG diet, our minds overpowers our body. It is most important to pick yourself up and not give yourself such a hard time. Get back on track right after the cheating happened and do not beat yourself up. Cheating should not necessarily mean failing on the overall diet and it needs to be ensured that the cheating will only happen once.

The best thing you can do after cheating on the HCG diet is to stay with the diet protocol for the rest and make sure that you will not cheat again especially during the Phase 3 (Maintenance) after you finish the HCG shots or drops. Maintenance is a very critical time during the HCG protocol because it somehow makes or breaks as far as keeping your weight off. You don’t want this to be just another failed diet where the weight comes back as soon as you put something fattening in your mouth. Make sure you do maintenance right and don’t cheat.

HCG Diet is like the rules and regulations that you are supposed to follow. Just make sure you are doing the right thing and put effort to see the best result. Once you successfully made it, have lost and reshaped your body to your personal satisfaction, you will understand every step on the HCG diet is a step towards a healthier and happier life.

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