HCG Diet Terminology Explained

HCG Diet Terminology Explained
Written by “My HCG Journey”
Treatment, phases, rounds, Dr. S, and funny abbreviations such as R1P2, R2P3, KT, P&I, HCG and more have your head spinning. It does look complicated, but it is really quite simple. The online HCG Community has adopted a language of their own where the HCG Diet is concerned, but that language is quite easy to understand. Let’s begin with the basics:

What is HCG?

HCG or hCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a natural substance, sold in the market today. Through Dr. Simeons MD work with obese patients, he realized that using HCG and a specialized diet saw his patients drop tremendous amounts of weight – fast. Previous health problems lessened or were resolved and a complete reshaping of the body took place as the abnormal fat stores were lost.

Dr. ATW Simeons, MD

Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, MD is the English doctor who invented the cure for obesity. Based on his medical research and study of obesity and other metabolic disorders, Dr. Simeons successfully combined the use of HCG with a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), resulting in weight loss for his overweight patients.

“Pounds & Inches, A New Approach to Obesity” by Dr. Simeons is the only written authority concerning the use of HCG and a 500 calorie diet to lose weight. Please go the tab at the top of this page if you would like to read his book.
Dr. Simeons was a very distinguished and learned doctor with a very illustrious career. He authored several medical textbooks and his writings were included in many medical publications. During an eighteen year tenure in India, Dr. Simeons discovered the use of injectable atebrin for malaria and also discovered a new method of staining malaria parasites, which is now known as the “Simeons Stain”. The doctor was awarded a Red Cross Order of Merit for his work with malaria. Dr. S developed his weight loss protocol, perfected it over many years and used it successfully on many thousands of patients during the 1950’s and 1960’s… The European clinics Dr. Simeons established during his career are still operational.

Phase 1

Dr. Simeons did not write about Phases. The term “Phases” was coined by best-selling author Kevin Trudeau (KT). Explained in Trudeau’s book, “The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About”. According to Trudeau, we live in such a toxic environment and eat and drink so many toxic things, we can’t help but have a toxic body.
The first phase of HCG diet refers to the first two days you take the shots and two day’s of eating the foods you are going to miss, also called loading. During this phase you can eat anything you wish. The only thing to remember is that you should focus on fat and not on sugar. This will help you not to have hunger pangs in the second phase.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is the core of the Simeons weight loss protocol, the time when you are using HCG + VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) to lose abnormal weight at a tremendous rate. Dr. Simeons didn’t write about phases, we use the phases to help determine where you are during the couse of the diet. We use terms from both Dr. Simeons and Trudeau and have developed our own universal slang. It makes it easier to keep track of what everyone is doing.

Dr. Simeons had his treatment phase, and the duration of treatment lasted either a minimum of 26 days or a maximum of 43 days. In the HCG Community, the 26 days have come to be known as a short round and 43 day’s are known as a long round.

On the third day of taking HCG, the patient begins the 500 calorie a day diet, or the VLCD, Very Low Calorie Diet. No more than 500 calories a day should be eaten, and Dr, Simeons had a very specific list of foods that could be eaten – no deviations are to be made to the food list or the calorie count. (Please see tab “1HCG Protocol” at the top of this website, to see the specific list of foods).

On the day of the last HCG injection or sublingual dose, a person still needs an additional 72 hours to clear the HCG from their system. It is very important to stay on the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) during this 72 hour period, because adding in additional calories while you still have HCG in your system will see a weight gain.

The number on the scale the day you take your last HCG dose is also very important. This is known as your Last Injection Weight (LIW) and is a benchmark number you will use to maintain your weight during the following phases.

Phase 3

Phase 3 consists of a three week period of time. Phase 3 is a Trudeau coined term; Dr. Simeons called this three week period “Concluding a Course”. During this three week period, anything can be eaten that you would like, with two exceptions: NO starch and NO sugar.

Dr. Simeons advised his patients to up their calories, add back in good fats and avoid carbohydrates in the form of starch and sugar. You are to weigh yourself daily, every morning after you have gone to the bathroom but before you do anything else, and keep your weight to within 2 pounds of your Last Injection Weight (LIW) Dr. Simeons was insistent that no more than 2 pounds could be gained without measures being taken to lose it.

Phase 4

Phase 4 is the period that begins once that 3 week no starch, no sugar phase ends. Sugar and starch can be added back into the diet slowly, but you must watch the morning weigh in number. Dr. Simeons was insistent that no more than 2 pounds could be gained without measures being taken to lose it.

A lot of people think Phase 4 means going back to eating how they ate before they lost the weight, and you soon see them back in the online community complaining that they are gaining the weight back. Phase 4 is a maintenance phase, and the way you will eat for the rest of your life. Good eating habits must be adapted and used. A person has to make lifestyle dietary changes during the entire treatment phase in order to be successful and maintain with their weight loss.

Rounds and Phases

When you hear HCG users talk about rounds, it simply means how many times a person has used HCG + VLCD. Round 1, of course, is a newbie using HCG for the first time and is noted as R1P2, Round One of Phase 2. Once a person has gone through the entire Simeons treatment time table and is ready to use HCG again, they are on R2P2, which is Round 2 of Phase 2, so on and so on. Someone that has stopped taking HCG and is in the Concluding a Course phase will say they are in R1P3, or Round 1 of Phase 3. If they have finished a second round of HCG, it is known as R2P3, Round 2 of Phase 3, etc., etc.
Lynne – Editor of My HCG Journey Newsletter
My HCG Journey

When additional courses of HCG injections are needed,
the three week maintenance period of Phase 3 is ALWAYS followed by the beginning three weeks of Phase 4 when sugar and starch are slowly added. (This second set of three weeks is now commonly known as the beginning maintenance weeks of Phase 4.) The maintenance interval between Phase 2 courses increases incrementally as Phase 4 becomes increasingly longer with each additional HCG course. Because there is a possibility of developing immunity to HCG, it takes about a six week pause before the HCG again becomes fully effective. After your goal weight is reached, complete Phase 3 followed by the beginning three weeks of Phase 4 maintenance which is when you SLOWLY begin to add back in sugar and starch as you follow the requirement not to gain or lose more than 2 lbs. after your LIW. Weight is always controlled by morning weighing after emptying the bladder. Going forward ‘SLOWLY’ is the key word to success. Afterward, you stay on Phase 4 for the rest of your life.

If You Need to Lose More Weight: After completing the Phase 3 and Phase 4 maintenance that follows each course of Phase 2, you can then begin to use Phase 2 again. Noteworthy, is current thinking that it can be an individual choice about adjusting this protocol’s time frames with positive outcomes. It is, therefore, highly recommended that a person thoroughly read resources and also join HCG newsgroups or furums to discuss such variations and to learn about other people’s subsequent experiences. However, it is important to talk with and/or always follow your doctor’s instructions when under a doctor’s supervision.
Round 1 – 6 week break (3 weeks of P3 and 3 weeks of P4)
Round 2 – 8 week break (P3 and 5 weeks of P4)
Round 3 – 12 week break (P3 and 9 weeks of P4)
Round 4 – 20 week break (P3 and 17 weeks of P4)
Round 5 – 6 months (P3 followed by P4) In this way, it is possible to bring about a 100 lb. and more of weight loss, if required, without hardship to the person or going back to old yo yo patterns or having to re-loose already lost weight.

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