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The whole point of science is to help people sort out conflicting science, and nowhere is there more conflicting claims than in the area of diet. ~ Dr Dean Ornish, founder and president of the nonprofit Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, Calif.
Isn’t that the truth?
Conflicting information abounds about what diet is the best for you.
It’s up to YOU to gather data about what your body likes and doesn’t like, and then use that information to help you maintain a healthy way of eating for life.
The hCG Protocol has been called a “cure” – I disagree. It’s a miracle for sure. It is the easiest way to drop weight and fast. However, it doesn’t guide you well on the issue of weight maintenance.
My goal as a nutritional coach is to make people aware of their food choices and how those choices relate to weight control. With that desire, I have taken in a lot of information over the years in different forms. However, one form that I truly enjoy most is documentary films.
There have been many films made that focus on food and its effect on mankind; however, there is a list of 10 that I happen to be drawn to most.
I encourage you to watch these films when you are able. Most are available either on the internet, or via some sort of rental agency. These are in no particular order.
Sweet Misery – A Poisoned World – The story of Aspartame and the harmful effects. It delves into the political process of the approval of consumption of this deadly sweetener.
Food, Inc – This one has been dubbed the scariest movie of 2008. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that, however, I did take my rather elderly mom (86 at the time) to see this movie and she was thoroughly grossed out and horrified to find out what they do to animals for the mass production of foods, especially meats.
This movie covers a lot of ground, and sometimes it has a tendency to jump from point to point, but it follows a general line to get to the real message: You can indeed make a difference in how our food is produced. You have that power and it is the money you spend at the market.
King Corn – Everything you ever wanted to know about Corn and GMO but were afraid to ask. This movie follows two guys as they buy just an acre of corn to see where it goes. One very interesting part of the movie is where they actually find out how the manufactures make HFCS. What is amazing is that this is being fed to our kids in schools.
The Beautiful Truth – this is a touching story of a kid’s search for the truth after his mother passes away from cancer. It focuses in on the raw food movement, and is a really good introduction to Gerson Therapy, which is a cancer treatment facility in San Diego, Calif. It is a good look into the benefits of eating raw food.
The film also delves into MSG, mercury poisoning, GMO foods, Aspartame, and even fluoride in our water supply. It is biased, but with a lot of facts to back it up. In the end, the message of the movie is that it’s better to eat organic, nontoxic foods and that these types of foods should be the bulk of our diet.
Food Matters – This movie had me on the opening line: Hippocrates’s first said to doctors “DO NO HARM.” Then told them to “let thy food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food.”
This movie suggests we should eat raw food, but doesn’t PUSH the issue. However, it does tell the viewer to eat better because “we are what we eat.”
This one hits the pharmaceuticals harder than I have ever seen a movie blast them.
A Delicate Balance – This one is pretty darn intense. I would highly recommend you seeing all the rest before laying your eyes on this one. The title truly fits – this movie is about balance – balance between health and environment.
The Future of Food – The late legendary Grateful Dead’s guitarist Jerry Garcia’s widow is the narrator of this chilling documentary about how our food has been altered.
Processed People – This one is entertaining, especially for the younger audience. Its real focus is “What happens if we don’t change?”
Sugar – The Bitter Truth – You can watch this one online. It’s a scientific viewpoint on sugar and sweeteners, and the role they play chemically in our bodies. Gary Taubes just wrote an article recently using this video as his starting point.
Super Size Me – This one is available at Netflix and on YouTube. It is pointed to the dangers of fast food.
There you have it, my list of food documentaries that make you think. If you have seen any of these, I sure would love to hear your thoughts – just reply to this newsletter!

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