Motivation To Avoid Cheating On The HCG Diet

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We often get asked about the consequences of cheating while on HCG. Well, there are consequences to cheating on any diet – the more you do it the more likely that it won’t work, its a costly mistake that can cause your weight loss to stall for several days.
With that said, there are very few people that make it through the HCG Diet perfectly without at least one mishap. Learning to eat healthy is a work in progress and just like any skill, it takes time to master.
Lets face it; we are often our own worst enemy. It’s easy to sabotage yourself by storing the wrong food in the house or forgetting to plan your meals and end up eating bad food in desperation.
You may feel that you “deserve it” because you stuck to the diet all week. Or maybe you “deserve it” because you had a bad day.
The key, of course, is to plan ahead, keep healthy food around you at all times, stay committed and keep the end goal in mind.
What is your Purpose? Why are you doing this?
Are you sick of being overweight? Are you tired of buying clothes that look adorable in the store window but quite a bit different in size 20? Do you want this summer to be the one that you feel comfortable in your swimming suit? Are you just about ready to get married and want to have the body that you’ve always dreamed about?
Whatever your purpose… keep it “Top of Mind”. Think of how you’ll feel when you achieve that goal. Plan a way to reward yourself (something that is non-food related).
Most importantly, if you happen to “Slip-up” then face your mistake. Try and understand the circumstances that caused it to happen and strategize of ways to prevent it from happening again. The worst thing you can do is to blame it on the diet, the product or your individual circumstance. Don’t make excuses!
The Liquid HCG Diet works!
We have thousands of members who have seen tremendous results… and YOU CAN TOO!
So if you’ve struggled with sticking to the protocol make a mental decision to keep going. Turn the cheating around and make it a positive. You’ve learned about some of your weaknesses (which we all have) and now is the time to recommit, pick yourself up and get back on board. Jump back on the VLCD and increase your water to help flush out that fat! YOU CAN DO IT!

One response to “Motivation To Avoid Cheating On The HCG Diet

  1. Hello Susan,
    We follow the protocol of Dr. Simeons which recommends 3.5 oz. per serving. We have the whole book on this website. We would recommend reading it. This is where everything started and there is lots of information there.

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