Brain Fog

Brain Fog
by Biz

Have you ever had one of those days when you didn’t feel quite right? You feel “spacey,” forgetful, you lack focus and everything seems overwhelming? This perplexing feeling is called “brain fog.”
Research shows that many things can cause brain fog:

Insomnia – Your brain needs sleep for optimal function. It works constantly and requires a tremendous amount of energy to function properly. When you deprive yourself of rest, your brain is one of the first organs to suffer. You must give your brain a chance to rest. Are you getting enough rest?
Candida – Candida is the cause of many different ailments. What causes candida? SUGAR!!! When you are on Protocol, you are going to suffer from candida die off, which may cause brain fog. But more often than not, brain fog occurs when you are taking in unwholesome sugar. Is your diet clear of unwholesome sugar?
Adrenal Fatigue – The medical community is just starting to discover more about the adrenals. When your adrenals are not working to optimal performance (which usually follows period of intense stress), brain fog can result. What are you doing to help your adrenals?
Metal Toxicity – It is becoming more understood that metal in your body acts as a toxin. These metal toxins like to take root in the brain and can cause Brain Fog. You can get metal toxicity from the work place, from the foods you eat, and from the place that you live. What are you doing to help your body get rid of excessive metals?
Overuse of Artificial Sweeteners – Just because they are “artificial” does not mean that your body can tell the difference in how it reacts to them. Some artificial sweeteners are considered “excitotoxins,” which means they are toxic, and can disrupt brain function. How can you minimize the use of artificial sweeteners?
Constipation – What are our bowels supposed to do? Get rid of waste. If the waste is cannot be eliminated, what does it do?  If you are constipated, your toxins can reach your bloodstream. What are you doing to keep the bowels clean?

Several things can cause brain fog, but preventing it is easier than you think:

Get Proper Rest – If you are having sleep issues, make discovering the reason your No. 1 priority. Several supplements can help with disrupted sleeping patterns: melatonin, magnesium and zinc. Do research on each one to see which one might be the answer for you. Also, an Epsom salts bath is a wonder for helping sleep (It’s the magnesium!).
Take a Walk in Fresh Air – Taking just a brief 15-minute walk will do wonders to reduce your stress levels (and help your adrenals). It can also help with your sleeping issues. Studies show that a brief period of mild exercise can help heat the brain, which induces sleep.
Avoid Unwholesome Sugar – Eliminating sweeteners, including artificial sweeteners, is key. Be aware that candida can grow just as fast with artificial sweeteners as it can with real sugar. Yeast overgrowth can cause depression, anxiety, sudden mood swings, lack of concentration, headaches, drowsiness, and/or fatigue, which are all symptoms of brain fog.
Clean Out your System – Regularity is vital when it comes to brain fog. Make sure you do something often so that you maintain regularity. Several aids are out there. Find the one that works for you: magnesium, vitamin C, Epsom salts, apple cider vinegar, and kombucha tea. When you find the magic aid that helps you stay regular, use it consistently.
Cleansing – If metal toxicity is something you might be concerned about, I recommend you talk to a trusted alternative medicine professional for information about various cleanses. Cleansing products are a highly competitive industry and I would do my due diligence by researching completely and then rely on testimonials, perhaps even word of mouth from a trusted friend to settle in on someone that can help you.
by Biz

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