Commitment and Courage Make the Difference

Commitment and Courage Make the Difference
Rodger Sellers

“Commitment and courage: The magic force that makes the difference”

Commitment is the ultimate decider of your goal setting success. If you’re not committed, you won’t succeed.

So what is commitment? When you are committed, you will do anything to reach your goal, no matter how hard, tedious, boring, scary…you will do whatever it takes to get where you want to go. If you have a lot of questions, doubts or resistances to taking action, start thinking about how much you really want your goal. Stop fooling yourself and pick one you are committed to! Committing to things takes courage.

But there are other reasons you need courage to reach success with your goals. When the going gets tough and you have a difficult period or long plateau, do you have the courage to stick with your goal even though you may not have any idea how you will actually reach it? You may even have an inner nagging voice that says; “you’ll never get what you want”.

Do you have the courage to create an exciting, grand vision for yourself? A friend of mine said a big reason why people are not excited and motivated is that their vision is too small, it lacks power. Sometimes even exciting passion-filled goals have steps that are tedious, boring; hard…can you keep going when the going gets tough?

If you decide to create powerful, passion filled goals, you will probably need to make changes in yourself in order to achieve them. Do you have the courage to make those changes?

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